Rate equation and order reaction

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A Catalyst and the Rate of Reaction

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The x-axis is labelled "reaction coordinate" or "reaction. It should be noted down that all the molecules shown in a chemical equation do not determine the value of order of reaction but only those molecules whose concentrations are changed are included in the determination the order of a reaction.

Rate Law Determination of the Crystal Violet Reaction Chemistry with Vernier 30 - 5 PROCESSING THE DATA 1. Was the reaction zero, first, or second order, with respect to the concentration of crystal. The rate law or rate equation for a chemical reaction is an equation that links the reaction rate with the concentrations or pressures of the reactants and constant parameters (normally rate coefficients and partial reaction orders).

For many reactions the rate is given by a power law such as = [] [] where [A] and [B] express the concentration of the species A and B (usually in moles per liter.

Reaction rate

Nernst Equation. The Nernst equation is an important relation which is used to determine reaction equilibrium constants and concentration potentials as well as to calculate the minimum energy required in electrodialysis as will be shown later.

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Rate equation and order reaction
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Simple rate equations